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About Us



We are a family that decided to leave the city life behind to pursue a slower more rewarding way of life in the countryside of North Carolina. We are a full-time entrepreneurial family that not only is learning about farming but owns and operates several other businesses within the hospitality and event industry. We are all about the experience in whatever we do. Whether it is visual, tactile or purely how you feel leaving our place of business- we live for creating that experience. Morgan Farms is nothing short of that. Our family lives onsite in the large 1800’s farmhouse and love that we live on the property. Come visit our small family farm, host your wedding or event, have a private dinner, or come entertain yourself with a session of sheep yoga. We are here for that experience and can't wait for you to experience it for yourself!




Originally known as Oak Lawn Plantation, we have renamed the property to our family farm, Morgan Farms. We acknowledge that the hands who built these buildings and worked these fields under enslavement are not known by name to us, only in spirit. We strive to honor their memory every day by proclaiming our home as a safe space for all. We cannot rewrite history, but we can write the future together by sharing our hearts, celebrating love and community— and fighting tirelessly for equality and equity for all. With the support from our black community, we move forward with open hearts and in hopes, filling this property with love and unity.